Guess What Your Dog is Good for Your Health!

Our lives become so much better and fulfilled when we have a pet puppy. The thought of our little friends jumping for joy each time they see us, makes us so content. But besides this, owning a dog has many benefits – physical and psychological – which have been proven through scientific research.

  1.  Dogs Boost Your Mood                                                                                                                                                                          Dog kissing a man

Spending time with your dog will improve the way you feel, making you more positive and relaxed. It takes only fifteen minutes to half an hour spent with your dog, for your brain chemistry to actually start changing. This will stimulate the production of serotonin and dopamine, which cause feelings of wellbeing and tranquility. Having a pet dog provides health benefits similar to a having a friend, according to recent studies conducted at the Universities of St. Louis and Miami.

  1.  Dogs Are Better Than Medicine

Besides feeling good and happy, having a dog brings about other great effects to your health. People who own a dog have decreased blood pressure and cholesterol levels. There are fewer heart patients among dog owners and their overall health is better than people who have no pets. These claims are backed up by strong scientific data.

  1.  Dogs Help You Stay Active                                                                                                                                                                   Dog playing

When you have a dog, you’ll definitely be more active. Walks are necessary for them, so that they can run around and get some sunlight but it’s good for you as well. According to one study from 2010, dog owners walk an hour more on average than people who don’t have a dog.  

  1.  Dogs Help You Be More Social

If you take your dog out for a walk, chances you’ll make new friends are high. This is claimed by 40% of individuals in a British study. Having a dog makes you more approachable and it can also beat shyness.

  1.  Dogs Help Relieve Stress

One study, in which 240 married people were tested, shows that spending time with your furry friend reduces stress. Couples were given various tasks to complete. There were groups in which a person was spending time with a spouse during a task, being along during a task or with a dog. Those people that worked while their dog was there, were the least stressed out compared to other groups.

6.  Dogs Can Help Kids Grow Stronger

If you are thinking about getting a pet dog for your kid, be sure that’s a great idea because they are actually can improve children’s health. Kids that grow up in families that have pet dogs are less susceptible to allergies. Their immune systems are stronger, making them much healthier overall.

7.  Dogs Help Us Understand Cancer

Cancer in humans and dogs is the same, which helps scientist get new information about the illness and understand it. Studying cancer leads to new discoveries when it comes to treatment.

8.  Dogs Can Help Treat Rheumatoid Arthritis

Woman cuddling a dog

People suffering from this illness gain great benefits if they have own a dog. Their condition improves greatly as they are moving more and distracting themselves from their ailments while they play with dogs.

9.  Dogs Are Therapeutic for Kids with ADHD

By spending time and playing with dogs, children with ADHD can get much calmer as the excessive energy is being released while they run around. Having a pet also teaches them to be more responsible.

10.  Dogs Can Make You a Better Person

People who have a dog are more selfless, responsible and committed than people who don’t have a pet. Owning a dog helps us stop thinking only about ourselves and focus outwards as well.